udo rein



udo rein (portrait)


born in Heidelberg, Germany on October 9th, 1960



LEE galerie BERLIN, Solo Exhibition "Carousel Tropez 2", Berlin, Germany
Solo Exhibition "Carrousel Tropez 2" Lavoir Vasserot, St. Tropez, France
"Carrousel Tropez 2" - the film, Acoustic Design Studios München, Munich, Germany



Solo Exhibition Antiquariat(1) "WORKS Udo Rein", curator Franco Fadda, Munich, Germany
Solo Exhibiton "GAZELA" Museum MART - Biblioteca Civica "G Tartarotti, curator Franco Fadda, Rovereto, Italy
"Gazela" the fim, collection - Biblioteca Civica "G Tartarotti, Rovereto, Italy
Art Confrontation - lecture "GAZELA", Gianmario Baldi, Silvio Cattani, Franco Fadda, Maurizio Scudiero, Istituto delle Arti - Trento e Rovereto, Italy
"Carousel Tropez" - the film, Acoustic Design Studios München, Munich, Germany
Solo Exhibition "Carousel Tropez" Lavoir Vasserot, St. Tropez, France
PREVIEW BERLIN Art Fair, LEE galerie BERLIN, Berlin, Germany
Group Exhibition, LEE galerie BERLIN, Berlin, Germany
Solo Exhibition Antiquariat(2) ART ROOM – Carousel Tropez, Munich, Germany




11. KCAF Korean Contemp. Art Festival 2nd session, Gallery Bhak, Hangaram Art Museum, Art Center Seoul, ROK
LEE galerie BERLIN, Solo Exhibition "EXIT", Berlin, Germany
Kulturforscher - Deutsche Kinder u. Jugendstiftung Berlin, project "EX-press" in Coop. with class 7A of Hauptschule Perlacher Strasse, Munich, Germany
"EX-press" the film, Munich, Germany
Art Basel Scope, LEE galerie BERLIN, Basel, Switzerland
"small-TALK" video install in Coop. with just human & acoustic design studios Munich, Germany
"EX.IT (sortie)" solo Exhibit. Museé Lavoir Vasserot, Saint-Tropez, France
SKEPTO internat. Short Film Festival "Gazela" (the film), Cagliari, Italy
8. Yerevan internat. Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia




"EX.IT" the film - Ibiza, Spain
"EX.IT" art radio edit. Prem. Munich, Germany
7. Art Karlsruhe - Curatorial Trust (Elmar Zorn, Manfred Schneckenburger, Dieter Ronte)
Shanghai Art Fair 2010, SHANGHAI-MART, 99, XINGYI Road, Shanghai (CN),
"Art rays G/L" shows - borderline - udo rein
7. Gongju Intern. Art Biennale (GIAF), Limlip Art Museum, 791-1 Gisan-ri, Gyeryeong-Myeon,
DIE ARCHE - "Charity Auction" project, Künstlerhaus München, Munich, Germany
Kunstverein Heidelberg - "Chat Theater" in Coop. with Antje Schiffers & Just Human, Heidelberg, Germany
Discovery Channel - "Colony" Art Install in Coop. with Norbert Winklmann, Düsseldorf, Germany
Mayersche Hofkunstanstalt München - Artist in residence, Munich, Germany
WORKS – Solo Exhibit. Udo Rein "Kodak Storage", Curator Franco Fadda, Munich, Germany
GAZELA – the trailer, breakout, Belgrad, Serbia




"BABEL'S SHADE" (Babylons Schatten) Group Exhibition Pasinger Fabrik München,
Kulturreferat Landeshauptstadt München, Munich, Germany
"GAZELA" the film - Finissage 1st. Presentation "Galerie 3" Pasinger Fabrik München, Munich, Germany
6. Art Karlsruhe, Art Fair, Galerie Bhak (Seoul, ROK), Messe Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
Video Art Installation "GAZELA" permanent Installation, Acoustic Design Studios, Dachau, Germany
9. KCAF Korean Contemp. Art Festival-1st session, Hangaram Art Museum, ArtCenterSeoul, ROK
XI Sardegna Dromos Festival – Solo Exhibition "GAZELA". San Vero Milis, (Sardinia), Italy
Video Installation "EXIT.BABEL" in Concert Combination "Abdullah Ibrahim" (Piazza Eleonora) Oristano, Italy
Art Confrontation – Tavolo Love Difference "Clandestino" Dibattito, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Salvatore Garau, Udo Rein 
Roberto Fonseca, Franco Fadda, Christiana Collu, Emanuela Baldi, Ivo Serafino Fenu, a.m.) Oristano, Italy
Biennale – 6.Gongju Intern. Art Festival, LimlipArt Museum, Gongju, Korea South




KCAF, Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul, Korea-South
Project: EXITS. NYC, New York, N.Y., USA
"BABEL.SHADES" Exhibition/Presentation, Bauhaus University Weimar, Prof. Dr. Jens Geelhaar and
Curators Trust Prof. Elmar Zorn, Manfred Schneckenburger, a. o.
Project: "EXIT.BABEL" Udo Rein (08)
Project: "EXIT.INC" Film / Video Installation, N.Y., New York, USA / Munich, Germany
"SINTI+et+ROMA" Film Documentation / Portrait + Painting Installation, Belgrade, Serbia
Art Project / Doku-Exhibition "Might" in coop. with magazine FAME, Belgrad, Serbia and
artist "Muha Blackstazy", Novi Sad, Serbia
Film documentation, start September 8th - 13th: "SACRO" the innocence of religious, Istanbul, Turkey




7. KCAF-Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul Art Center, Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea-South
Solo Exhibition Gallery Kim Schneider Munich, Germany
Project: Exits. NYC. (Part 1.) worldwide provile project, Munich, Germany
Art Show "Der Raum" Udo Rein Solo Exhibition 2007, Munich, Germany
Project: "Deadly 7 Sins" Film and Painting Installation
"Sinti e Roma" Street Performance, Belgrade, Serbia
"Afghani" Interview Focus, Kabul-Munich, Germany
"Hinz u. Kunzt" Street Art Project, Hamburg, Germany
"Time Play With" Ibiza, Spain / Alghero (Sardinia), Italy / Barcelona, Spain
"Stripe Series-Faces+Places" Brussels, Belgium




"Madres de Plaza de Mayo" Card Project, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"The Fish" group show video project, Tokyo, Japan
Exhibition preview of 6th KCAF, Seoul, Korea-South
Galerie Kim Schneider, Solo Exhibition, Munich, Germany
Olympic Winter Games Turin - Time art video project "Anorak" Turin, Italy
in cooperation with the rock band "Anorak" and acoustic design studios Munich
"Townships 2" Art Project, Cape Town, South Africa
6. KCAF-Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul Art Center, South-Korea
Gallery Bhak presents project "Asia Stripe Series 2006" and Video Install. "stripe series"
Art Cologne, Gallery Bhak, Cologne, Germany




Korean Art & More Group exhibition at "Altes Rathaus München"
Kulturreferat München, Munich, Germany
Galerie Kim Schneider, Munich, Germany
5. KCAF-Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Art Center Seoul
Gallery Bhak presents project "Time Panels meet Stripe Series", Seoul, Korea-South
Galerie Dressler, Contrast, Dresden, Germany
Silvie Rider art music project "Der Heimweg",in cooperation with acoustic design studios Munich, Germany
"nothing is what it seems to be" - art video project "Ibiza Gang Bang, video installation, Ibiza, Spain
Wally Warning "Hope Project" art video music clip in cooperation with acoustic design studios Munich, Germany
39. Art Cologne Gallery Bhak Seoul, Cologne, Germany
SFAF Seoul Fine Art Festival, Gallery Bhak Art Center Seoul, Seoul, Korea-South




8. St' Art Strasbourg Art Fair, Galleria Edizioni Dell"Aquario, Strasbourg, France
Galleria Edizioni Dell' Aquario, Group Exhibition, Padua, Italy
Video Installation "Ladies Talk", Samsung, Olympic Games, Athens, Greece
Jazz Festival Seoul "LADIES TALK" music ART video, Seoul, Korea-South
"Der Heimweg" / Rest Area 1° + 2° single exhibition as part of the major project
by Cultural Affairs Munich, partner of terres des homes as well as:
- preview one (as part of: Open Art, Munich, Germany)
Galerie Zink und Gegner, preview two, Munich, Germany
Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne, Germany
Haus der Kunst, auction "Heimweg", Munich, Germany
Arte Povera, Contemp. Art Show, Padua, Italy
Art Video Project Pacha, "Fuck me I'm famous", Ibiza, Spain




Dross u. Schaffer, Munich, Germany
"TIME 5min 5sec" the film TIME 5'5sec, Arco Palais, Munich, Germany
Art Video Project zerozero-4, Ibiza, Spain
Art Forum Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Paris Photo, Galleria Edizioni Dell'Aquario, Paris, France




Benefiz Exhibition. "Horizont Munich eV", Munich, Germany
"Time Panels" Exhibition Schumannsraum "Wertstatt" publisher, Munich, Germany
Exhibition Siemens, permanent Installation (glass mosaic) in coop.
Mayersche Hofkunstanstalt, Munich, Germany
Art Forum Berlin, Wertstatt, Berlin, Germany




On Stage 2nd. Exhibition, Munich, Germany
"Espace Montorgueil", Les Halles, Paris, France
Kunstmeile Traunstein, Germany




"ReDo" first official exhibition, Erkheim, Germany
"Stage Exhibition" On Stage 2000, Munich, Germany

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